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Let Me Paint you a Picture

Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine a pink. Now imagine a different shade of pink. I realized today that there are actually a million pinks. Today, I also realized that pink is my favorite color in the sky. A pink sky?

Getting back to the picture. A perfect, cotton candy pink sky. So unreal and vivid, I almost wanted to lick it. Continue reading “Let Me Paint you a Picture”


Is Growing Up Something You Really Have To Do?

When I turned sixteen, I thought a button would go off or I would be struck by some cosmic force and ‘Zapp!’ I would no longer be a child, I would magically transform into a poised young woman with a sense of maturity and would finally be treated like an “adult”. Continue reading “Is Growing Up Something You Really Have To Do?”

Cracks in CAT

Getting straight to it, I absolutely abhor Mathematics. I had quite an enriching relationship with the subject till class 10, and when I could let it go, I did, for happier things to come. It is not just me, we are a family of committed Math Haters. Continue reading “Cracks in CAT”

The Lion King

NaaahTsivenyahFavaNitsiBabah begins and you have goosebumps, childhood memories come flooding back and you are transported to the Saharan Desert and Pride Rock. Continue reading “The Lion King”

“Harsha Bhogle: Out”. Appeal!

Considering how powerful hashtags can be today, I am sure you have by now come across these: #IStandWithHarsha, #BringBackHarsha, #NoHarshaNoIPL, etc., but if you haven’t, and are clueless, allow me to enlighten you. Continue reading ““Harsha Bhogle: Out”. Appeal!”


A creaseless shirt, pleated pants, a Windsor knotted tie;
He primps his hair, grabs his keys,
Hurriedly mumbles a few words, waves his family goodbye,
And makes a dash for the door.

‘To-Do’ tasks clog up his mind
As he races through lanes and by lanes;
And later like a prisoner, he to his desk is confined,
While a fourteen inch screen swallows him.


As the needles precisely tick by on the clock,
Mechanical ‘I’m fine’s to disinterested ‘how are you’s,
Deceivingly polite and terribly needless small talk,
And plastic smiles hiding raging storms within are all exchanged, alongside work.

Driving home, amidst rush-hour traffic, he notices something surreal:
A boy on the pavement, undisturbed by all the noise, staring at the star-lit sky;
Puzzled and awfully curious, he screeches to a halt, slinging himself to the steering wheel;
Then slowly and cautiously, he approaches the little boy.

“This is something unusual”, he claims.
Sitting up, the boy kindly responds, “Well sir, it actually isn’t.”
“So it’s fine to sit around and stare – without a purpose or aim?”
“Yes, sir, every once in a while.

“It’s okay to get out of the rut sometimes,
To live life unrushed, uneventful, unpredictable;
It’s okay not to rhyme, or to follow the rhythm,
To just be ordinary sometimes – perhaps even boring.

“Sometimes it’s okay to reveal the truth behind a brave smile,
Or to just silently cry alone.
It’s okay to recline and think of nothing in particular for a while,
Or to lie in the open and gaze at the stars and savour the moonshine.

“It’s okay to slip away from human contact sometimes,
To serenely indulge in some cheesecake or ice-cream,
And lose oneself in a book on drama or romance or crime.
You see, it’s alright to untwine from mundane, humdrum existence sometimes”

“Sometimes”, he acknowledges.

“Sometimes”, the little boy nods.

Continue reading “Sometimes”

Far Left of Centre?

Now forgive me for using this line from the popular TV series ‘House of Cards’, but I haven’t found a better, more apt situation than what I have discussed below to try and understand the meaning of this phrase.

I have always believed that mine is a great nation. In spite of its many flaws, as with any other country which has its fair share of shortcomings, India has managed to prove that it has made exceptional progress in close to 70 years that it has been independent. Continue reading “Far Left of Centre?”

Of Sunsets and Beaches


The land of serenity and beauty;

Of introspection and inquiry.

The land of good times;

Of a place where every street has a story to tell.

The land where hospitality is not foreign;

Of a place where nobody feels like a stranger.

The land that is truly a melting pot of cultures;

Yet each one unique and distinct.

Continue reading “Of Sunsets and Beaches”

Of Mice and Men

“His ear heard more than what was said to him and his slow speech had overtones not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought.”, said John Steinbeck describing ‘Slim’ one of the characters in his book Of Mice and Men. To one who has read the book however, they will understand how Steinbeck’s this very ability to understand human beings and the environment they live in and present what he sees and hears takes a simple book about the working class during the Great Depression to a whole other level and makes it Of Mice and Men. This novella transcends societal barriers, cultural factors and situational circumstances to become relatable and comprehensible to every reader. Continue reading “Of Mice and Men”

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